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Hartland of Ohio LLC Announces New Sports Figures on the Way

The figures are almost as iconic as the sports they represent - Hartland of Ohio LLC has announced a new management team, did an overhaul of their website and has a new list of figures collectors can soon scoop up.

Hartland of Ohio LLC announced it will continue to “Make History” of iconic sports figures with new management team, vendor partnerships and new lineup of sports figures.

Longtime Hartland President Fay Halliwell states, “We have been working hard behind the scenes to restructure the direction of our company. There will be many improvements that we hope our longtime customers support including new Collector’s Club, website, marketing strategy and consistent figure releases throughout the year.”


Hartland will concentrate on a variety of figures available in limited production including their Negro Leaguers, Signature Series (autographed figures), Classics and re-introducing the Plastic figures similar to the originals many have grown to love and other collectible figures. Collector Club figures will be exclusive to members only and will not be available for sale to the general public. Hartland also plans to expand into Stadium Giveaways, Corporate Branding and Promotions.

New figure releases have already been announced including, Jim Thorpe Football Pose, Jim Thorpe Baseball Pose, Roy Campanella, Bob Addis (signed) and Rogers Hornsby as the featured Collector’s Club figure this year. Negotiations are underway to secure rights with other players in all sports categories.

Hank J. Reed, owner of several companies, including Queen City Sports Cards & Memorabilia, joined the team recently to help with sales and operations. Hank states, “I am a longtime collector of Hartland Sports Figures and I am excited to be included with this long-standing, historical company. I look forward to working with our collector’s and establishing relationships with vendors and other card shop owners to stock and continue the tradition of Hartland collectibles.”

Michael T. Swank, joins the company and will help with marketing and preserving the history of the Hartland brand. Michael states, “I look forward to protecting and preserving the storied history of Hartland. To me and all of us, this is a tradition that needed to be continued and I am happy to be involved. Our team understands what our customers want and I am proud to contribute to the overall efforts of our team and exploring new areas of the business where we can expand.”

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