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Sports Address Lists

The Most Accurate Address Lists being sold...Period!

SportsAddressLists.Com was started in 1996 to fill a great void for through the mail autograph collectors, and that included me because I have been an autograph collector since 1970.

My main goal is that the address lists we produce have to be the highest quality available for collectors. The initial address research is done using only the most reliable search engines, not the free Internet ones like ZabaSearch, WhitePages and others where old, old addresses are kept in their database for years and updating is done very infrequently. We start out researching the most current addresses, confirmed by full names and date of birth and then submitting our address database to companies who update them against a National Change of Address Database three to four times a year to make sure they stay up to date. But this is not a perfect world, and athletes move frequently. That’s why the second part of our mission statement is very important. 

Web site:

Address: 9723 Lemonwood Way, Boynton Beach, FL 33437

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