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Want to know What it's Worth?

You found it in an attic or basement. You know it's old, but you're not exactly sure what it is or what it is worth. SCD can help.
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SCD wants to help the average collector or anyone who wants to know some information about a piece of sports memorabilia. The sports collecting category reaches far and wide, and trying to identify something and find out it's value can be a daunting task. That's where SCD comes in.

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If you looking for some help, send us a photo of your item and any details you can provide, such as a general time period, any markings, its history and condition. We'll do our best and try to find out what it is, any history on the piece and how much it's worth. We'll post our findings for all to see in a running column on the website and in the magazine.

How can we help?
Send a photo of your item to SCD, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990, or e-mail us. We'll first post the questions and photo(s) and then start researching. This is a free service - we're just trying to make the hobby more fun for everyone.

So do you own something that has you stumped? Send it our way and give us a crack at it!

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