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Vintage Authentics' Steve Jensen Arrested on Show Floor of the National

Thursday's events at the National included the arrest of Steve Jensen of Vintage Authentics in Minnesota by U.S. Postal Inspectors on charges of mail and wire fraud.

The arrest was made after a lengthy investigation of Vintage Authentics selling fake game-used jersey for such stars as Alex Rodriguez. According to reports, even after customers would return game-used items because of questions with authenticity, the jerseys were again sold as genuine.

As part of the investigation – Vintage Authentics warehouse was also being served with a search warrant – investigators are also looking at recorded sales at auction for Vintage Authentics. Like many auction companies, Vintage Authentics uses software run by Simple Auctions. Because of the investigation, all of Simple Auctions' software is currently unavailable, meaning many auction houses who have auctions taking place now are currently inaccessible.

Legendary Auctions, for example, has a huge live auction taking place tomorrow near th convention, and today is the last day for proxy bids online - currently, no one can access the site. Reports are this should be resolved by this evening.

According to those at the show, more than a dozen law enforcement officials came onto he show floor and blocked off the entire row in which Vintage Authentics was set up, seizing computers and hauling Jensen off in cuffs.

So there's the big story at the show thus far. Can't wait to get down there for some reaction right away tomorrow morning.

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