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Three Guilty Pleas in Game-Used Jersey Fraud Case

Three weeks after an initial bust of six men for game-used memorabilia fraud, three of those have entered guilty pleas in federal court. sentencing is set for next May.

Approximately three weeks ago, SCD reported that six men were charged with fraud involving supposed game-used jerseys sold to collectors and trading card manufacturers. On Monday, three of those men entered guilty pleas to separate but related fraud schemes involving counterfeit game-used jerseys.

Those three are:
BERNARD GERNAY, a resident of New Jersey, involved in the business operations of Pro Sports Investments, Inc., a New Jersey business;

BRADLEY HORNE, a South Carolina resident, involved in the business operations of Authentic Sports Memorabilia, Inc., a South Carolina business;

JARROD OLDRIDGE, a resident of Nevada, involved in business operations of JO Sports, Inc., a Nevada business.

All three are charged with altering jerseys to appear to be game-used and/or using other jerseys and switching nameplates and making alterations to make it appear the jersey of a more well-known player.

Sentencing for all three defendants has been scheduled for May 4, 2012.

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