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Think Wikipedia for Cards: PSA's CollectibleFacts Debuts

In a comprehensive and exhaustive effort, PSA has launched CollectibleFacts that features background information on cards sets, star players in each set, values and more. And it's free.

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) has launched the first phase of a new, free online resource called PSA CollectibleFacts ( PSA officials envision it will soon expand to become the Internet's most comprehensive site for information and illustrations about sports and many non-sports collectibles.

The user-friendly site initially will offer the evolving beginnings of one major component, PSA CardFacts, devoted to all types of trading cards. Over the coming weeks and months, PSA CollectibleFacts will be expanded to include additional sports and non-sports trading cards as well as PSA's extensive information and images about autographs (PSA AutographFacts), tickets (PSA TicketFacts), professional model baseball bats (PSA ProBatFacts) and other historic memorabilia.

Reggie Jackson 1969 Topps page

"We're opening with only a fraction of the information and illustrations that eventually will be available, and all of it will be 100-percent free to access. This is just the beginning," said Joe Orlando, president of PSA, a division of Collectors Universe Inc.
"This is a long-term project to create the ultimate online encyclopedia for sports, historical and entertainment collectibles; a comprehensive resource for information. The PSA CollectibleFacts site will be continually evolving and growing with information and, eventually, tens of thousands of crystal-clear images. You'll see something new every week."

In addition to providing a great resource to current hobbyists, one of the main goals behind the launch of this online encyclopedia is to help expand the market by exposing the hobby to a whole new group of prospective collectors.

"The long-term benefit here is to help keep the hobby vibrant and keep the industry moving in the right direction by making so much free information available to the public," Orlando explained. "For example, if want to find out about 1933 Goudey Baseball cards, you'll find images of every card in that set, biographical information about the players, current pricing of the cards, auction prices realized, population report data, expert narratives, in-depth articles and so on. We're bringing together everything in one place to make it easy to access the information hobbyists need in order to improve their collecting experience."

Announcements will be made in the coming weeks about the launches of other components in PSA CollectibleFacts, including PSA AutographFacts, PSA TicketFacts and PSA ProBatFacts.