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The National is Approaching

The question started in April: Are you going to attend the National? The answer, of course, is yes. SCD will be located at Booth 1108P and looking forward to meeting with all of its readers and fellow collectors.

I love the National for a number of reasons. As witnessed above with the questions, it's the one event nearly all collectors look forward to every year. If they can't make it personally, they want to know what was on display and how the show went.

Dealers pull out all the stops for this show, bringing their best stuff. After all, as they say with many of the items that are unearthed at the show, "Only at the National."

Many details about the show have already been announced, with tickets on sale and the autograph lineup growing by the day. Just recently, Mike Tyson has been added to the lineup. Check out for full details.

Soon, many of the manufacturers will reveal details for special events they will conduct at the show, with special wrapper redemption programs and special giveaways. Remember the Strasburg hoopla last year? We'll cover it all in the coming weeks.

For those attending the event in Chicago, let us know what you're looking for and why you make it a must-attend event each year.

Also, what do you think about Chicago as a constant venue? Are you looking forward to Baltimore again in 2012 instead?