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SCD Investigates: Bogus Favre-Endorsed Game-Used Jerseys

In a hobby that relies on the authenticity of items for the rest of the market to function, game-used jerseys are among the most important. So what happens when player-endorsed game jerseys turn out to be anything but authentic? And what happens when it's Brett Favre? SCD investigates.  

It’s a vital part of the sports memorabilia marketplace: assurances from a professional player that this piece of equipment or uniform was used in an actual game. What happens when that system breaks down and a player-endorsed jersey – even one with the player’s own hologram – turns out to be bogus? And what happens when the jersey ostensibly belonged to the biggest name in the whole league?

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Sports Collectors Digest tackles that thorny question with a special eight-page feature story that comes on the heels of a four-month investigation. The saga of Brett Favre jerseys purportedly used in regular-season games that turn out to be something far less than that leads to some surprising places and raises important questions for the casual collector and the serious investor.

Chris Nerat looks at Favre gamers that hobby experts have dismissed as bogus, and he shows in vivid detail the steps that have been taken to help collectors tell the difference between the real deal and the pretend.

“This is important stuff for serious collectors and casual fans,” said Sports Collectors Digest Editor T.S. O’Connell. “Brett Favre is the biggest name in pro football, with a legion of admiring fans who treasure his memorabilia with a fervor and passion reminiscent of Brett’s attachment to the game itself. The prospect of Favre jerseys that aren’t the real thing is the ultimate nightmare in the collecting world, and we’ve pursued this story with that understanding and sensibility first and foremost in our minds.”

To read this story, CLICK HERE for the PDF download, complete with photo evidence.

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