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PSA/DNA Introduces Embedded Holograms

PSA/DNA is now using an embedded hologram in its letters of authenticity (LOA). A second watermark is also being added to the LOA.

PSA/DNA is now using an embedded hologram in its letters of authenticity (LOA), a technological advance unprecedented in the field of third-party autograph and memorabilia authentication. A second watermark is also being added to the LOA.


“The detailed, color-changing PSA/DNA logo hologram on the LOA is actually embedded into each sheet of paper used when generating letters of authenticity for autographs, original photographs and rings and trophies. It’s not a mere sticker placed on top of the page, but rather the hologram is actually part of the paper itself,” said Joe Orlando, president of PSA/DNA.

In addition to the original PSA/DNA logo watermark, the new LOA paper also has a watermark depicting the helix design of a DNA strand.

“The PSA/DNA LOA already included watermarks and serial numbers, and we use a patented, synthetic DNA ink to ‘tag’ authenticated items. The introduction of the embedded hologram and use of double-watermarked paper now takes our LOA to the next level of technological advancement for even greater confidence in the buying and selling of PSA/DNA-certified collectibles. We’re all very excited about this new, improved technology,” added Orlando.

The first item to receive the new LOA is one of the most famous and admired of all sports collectibles, the finest known single-signed Babe Ruth baseball. It is graded PSA/DNA Mint+ 9.5, and is considered the most valuable, single-signed baseball in the hobby.

“We’re always looking for ways to combat forgeries and counterfeiting, and that includes our own products. It took a year of research and planning for this new LOA advancement and it will be a big, big deterrent for anyone trying to duplicate it,” said Orlando. “Counterfeiters would have to illegally replicate the hologram and spend a huge amount of money to manufacture the paper. There is no other third-party authentication service that uses this level of technology.”

Anyone interested in replacing their current PSA/DNA autograph LOA with the new, improved embedded-hologram LOA can take advantage of a special offer from now until the end of November for only $5 per replacement. Orders must be postmarked by November 30, 2011, and the original LOA(s) must accompany the order. Send to: PSA/DNA, P.O. Box 6180, Newport Beach, CA 92658. (In rare instances, after receiving the original LOA, PSA/DNA may require that the authenticated item be submitted as well.)

For additional information about PSA/DNA Authentication Services, visit or call Customer Service at (800) 325-1121.

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