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PSA Now Airing Webcasts Focusing on 'Tips, Lists and Guides'

Each 10-minute program in the series provides interesting and useful information about sports collectibles and is posted on YouTube as well as on the PSA website. Learn how to build better collections and get tips on spotting forgeries, among other topics.

Professional Sports Authenticator and PSA/DNA Authentication Services have created a free online, hobby video series, "The PSA10 Webcast: Tips, Lists and Guides." Each 10-minute program in the series provides interesting and useful information about sports collectibles and is posted on YouTube as well as on the PSA website, The YouTube URL for the PSA and PSA/DNA videos is

"These brief videos are designed to improve the collector experience, provide a little fun and to give hobbyists the tools needed to build a better collection. We hope the series will prove to be valuable to the collecting community and help entice new collectors as well," said PSA President Joe Orlando.

PSA10 Webcast screen grab

The most recent program is titled "Collecting MLB Bats, From Babe Ruth To Derek Jeter, And How Experts Use Photos," and is narrated by Orlando. The video gives viewers insight into how photos can be used in professional model baseball bat authentication.

"The video explains how examining unique bat characteristics can help place professional model bats into the hands of the players. From handle preparation, such as the use of pine tar and tape, to the various styles of knob markings, we take a look at some of the top players in baseball history. We conclude the program with a detailed look at photo-matching, the ultimate level of authentication," explained Orlando.

Two other PSA10 Webcast programs also now online are titled "10 Tips For Building A Better Collection," also narrated by Orlando, and "4 Signs That An Autograph Might Be A Forgery" narrated by PSA/DNA autograph expert Steve Grad.

Upcoming videos which are posted every few weeks will cover topics such as card grading and collecting autographs.

"A big part of what we do at PSA is provide content in all sorts of formats. The information comes in the form of price guides, population reports, articles, images, expert narratives and so on. The PSA10 Webcast series is our latest form of giving collectors useful content and improving the hobby experience," said Orlando.

Another valuable and free resourse for beginning-to-advanced collectors is PSA CollectibleFacts™ (, the unparalleled online reference for collectibles and memorabilia. There are detailed, illustrated sections and hundreds of web pages about bats, cards, autographs and tickets.

For additional information, contact PSA at (800) 325-1121 or e-mail:

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