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'Pawn Stars' Adds PSA/DNA's Steve Grad to Expert Lineup

For those who have watched 'Pawn stars' on the History channel, you know they have various experts come on the show to help identify, authenticate and provide value to items. The latest expert to join the ranks is PSA/DNA's Steve Grad.

Steve Grad, principal autograph authenticator of PSA/DNA has joined the team of experts who assist in the evaluation of customers' items on the popular History channel show Pawn Stars. He brings both extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to the show.

Steve Grad with Chumlee and Rick

A customer (left) watches as autograph expert Steve Grad of PSA/DNA Authentication Services, second from left, discusses an item in hand with Austin "Chumlee" Russell and Rick Harrison of the popular "Pawn Stars" television program. (Photo courtesy of Left Field Pictures.)

"In addition to PSA's digital archives of authentic autograph exemplars to compare with customer's items, I use a ProScope Micro Mobile, a high-resolution handheld microscope that is connected to an iPad for enlarging the details of the signatures. Everyone instantly can see the enlarged, tell-tale details of an autograph, and I explain why I think its either authentic or not," said Grad.

Grad's first in a series of upcoming appearances on Pawn Stars will be on Thursday, June 6 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

In some of the upcoming episodes, Grad is called in to examine and determine the authenticity and value of various entertainment, historical and sports autographs.

"It was exciting the first time I walked into their shop. It looks just like it does on TV, and the Harrisons are great to work with Rick's knowledge is extensive about everything. He's a walking encyclopedia," said Grad.

A former radio broadcaster, Grad was fascinated to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the television program is produced. "It all comes together so well because of the professional production people, the Harrisons and their staff at the shop. I recently viewed a video of one of the nearly-finished segments and it was really cool to see how everything fit together," he explained.

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