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MLB Opus Worth Its (Actual) Weight?

You might remember when Major League Baseball announced the unveiling of the The Official Major League Baseball Opus Marquis Edition. If you are unfamiliar with the Opus edition of books produced by the Kraken Opus Media Group, they are known for their size – and quality content inside.

After last year's unveiling, MLB now wants to start marketing the Opus in hopes that fans, collectors, etc., gobble up the 1,000 copies of the Maquis Edition which are available. Doesn't sound too tough, right? Well, remember I said everything about the Opus is in excess, including the price.


The Marquis Edition retails for $3,000. It's 20 inches by 20 inches, 790 pages, 1,402 photographs, 120,000 words and most amazing of all, the book weighs a whopping 75 pounds! There is a full review of the book in the upcoming May 20 edition of Sports Collectors Digest from correspondent David Moriah. That are some intense numbers, but what's inside is a pretty sweet package.

Here is how Moriah puts it: "The Opus has the audacity to attempt comprehensive coverage of the entire history of the game and it’s most important figures, from 19th century pioneers like Cap Anson right up to today’s era of Albert Pujols and emerging stars like Stephen Strasburg, all presented in spectacular style. It is the literary and photographic counterpart to Ken Burns’ “Baseball,” the award-winning 18½ hour television documentary that also spans the long history of the game."

Every team has its own chapter, every Hall of Famer is featured and one of the fold-outs is 6 feet long.

I think all of the copies of the $3,000 Marquis edition will sell. As no more will be produced, this a unique collectible, and we all know collectors will pay good money for unique items.

If you don't want to pony up that amount – heck I've only paid for one car above that amount myself – there is a Classic Edition of the book that retails for $295. This one is only 26 pounds and and has 428 pages in an 18x13-inch format.

I love books on baseball and would like to see the Opus in person. The photos are said to be beautiful throughout. I know, they should be for that price. Now if I just reinforce my kitchen table, I might be able to read it at home ....