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Great holiday gift ideas from leading dealers in the hobby

As the holiday season approaches it is time to start searching for gifts for the sports cards and memorabilia collector on your shopping list.


Sports Address Lists

When making out your holiday cards this year, make sure you check out Harvey’s sports autograph lists beforehand to add some names to the list. Of course, in this instance, you’ll likely get something back – a signed card or more. If you collect autographs through the mail, you need to know Harvey Meiselman. The man has been creating and updating athlete addresses for years, and the 2019 lists are ready, with thousands of new addresses and updates available for the taking.


ABC Unlimited

(480) 821-8150

What you need to know is found in the name – autographed baseball cards. Brian Fredrich has been chasing autographs for more than 40 years and offers an inventory of more than 118,000 items to collectors and fans featuring players from 1933 to the present.

The website has multiple ways to search for product and every autograph is listed with card type and year. Just in time for the holidays, every order of $400 or more gets 20 percent off; $200 or more gets a 10 percent discount.

Every order in December features free shipping. Layaway and payment plans are also offered, and everything is sold with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


(888) 284-5661

Those who have autograph collectors on their Christmas list will want to check out Athlon Sports, which has a plethora of authentic signed sports memorabilia. With more than 9,500 items available, Athlon Sports has one of the nation’s largest selections of autographed items available.

Not only does Athlon Sports provide autographs from the top players from a variety of professional sports, it also provides other items such as display cases and custom framing.


(949) 872-2424

Richard Albersheim has been collecting since the age of 6 and started buying and selling as a teenager. He readily admits he is a collector first, and a dealer second, so if you need to sell some autographed items to get money for Christmas, give Albersheim a call.

The Autograph Review

(315) 474-3516

Any autograph collector on your Christmas list would love to receive a trial subscription to The Autograph Review for only $9.95. You’ll solve your shopping dilemma, and your autograph collector will have some of the best autograph material available. The Autograph Review was established in 1978.

Ball Four Sports

(414) 737-5023

If you have a fans of the Green Bay Packers on your holiday shopping list you’ll be able to find the perfect gift at the Super Bowl XXXI Reunion Show scheduled for Dec. 1 at State Fair Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The show will feature Brett Favre and Ron Wolf plus 30 more Super Bowl XXXI team members signing autographs. It will be Favre’s first return to Milwaukee in 20 years.

Dick Gordon Sports

(888) 808-8861

Carl Yastrzemski put together a Hall of Fame major league career and was one of the greatest players in Boston Red Sox history. Those looking for his autograph can contact Dick Gordon Sports.

JP’s Sports Collectibles

(631) 243-1028

Well known for promoting shows in the White Plains New York area, JP’s Sports Collectibles has a wide variety of sports collectibles, such as autographs and cards, available for purchase on its website. And if you want to get a head-start on next year’s Christmas shopping, make sure to follow his show schedule throughout the year.

Les Wolff

(516) 933-7787

Les Wolff Sports is a name that’s been synonymous with sports autographs for decades. He has an inventory of thousands, including many rare names in baseball, football and especially boxing. Appraisals are available, as well. If you are looking for extra cash this Christmas season, Les Wolff Sports is also buying autographs.

Main Line Autographs

(610) 745-0843

Serving the Hobby for 38 years, Main Line Autographs has an inventory of affordable autographs featuring common as well as star players. Autographed 8x10 photos can be purchased for $6, while 10 or more autographed photos can be purchased for $5 each.

Signed Baseball Magic

It may sound like a strange thing to do, but if you have a sports item that has multiple signatures and you want to remove any them, contact Signed Baseball Magic.


Gridiron Exchange

(703) 897-5073

If you are on the lookout for game-worn football jerseys from the CFL, USFL, Arena Football League and other professional football leagues, the Gridiron Exchange is worth taking a look. And just in time for the Christmas season, those who mention their ad in SCD can save 10 percent on every jersey purchased through New Year’s Day, Jan. 1, 2019.

MD’s Sports Connection

(859) 572-0248

MD’s Sports Connection is a great source for single-signed baseballs. With more than 800 in stock, the inventory includes many Hall of Fame baseball players. There is also a large inventory of signed photos, bats, jerseys, basketballs, footballs, tickets, and programs. Call or email for lists and details.

Zane Burns

(615) 309-0555

Bats, bats and more bats. Want to feel like a Major League Baseball player? There is no better way than owning a game-used bat. Zane Burns has 20 years of experience in the industry. In addition to game-used bats, game bats not used, World Series bats and black bats are also available.


Rare Sports Films – Doak Ewing

(630) 527-8890

Ever want to watch one of the most classic baseball games of all time or a pivotal moment in football but can’t find it on YouTube or the NFL Network? Or how about MLB All-Star games from the past? Rare Sports Films is the go-to source. Doak Ewing has painstakingly taken some of the great sporting events throughout sports history and made the original footage available on DVD. 


Antiques & Collectibles

Insurance Group

(800) 287-7127

Whether you are a dealer or a collector, everyone needs to protect their sports collectibles investment. Insurance on your collectibles is a great place to start. Antiques & Collectibles Insurance Group has been insuring antiques and collectibles for 25 years. 

Finkelmeier Insurance Agency, Inc.

(419) 739-4000

For the sports memorabilia collector on your shopping list who has everything, there isn’t a better gift than the security of them knowing their collection’s value is protected in times of disaster. Insurance on their collection can help with that peace of mind, and Finkelmeier Insurance Agency is your source to call.


Al Seaver

(903) 564-5758

If you have someone who is a die-hard football card collector, chances are you’ll find the perfect gift for them from Al Seaver. Seaver deals with football cards and has been providing mail order service since 1989. His inventory includes stars, semi-stars, commons, great players and team lots.

All Star Cards

(800) 932-3667

Do you want a catalog that truly contains something cool to arrive in your mailbox? Try All Star Cards, which provides a free monthly catalog featuring everything the company offers. It’s worth the trip for the images alone.

Now let’s get into what you’ll find in the catalog. Every trading card era is represented in every condition. All Star Cards has more than 14,000 PSA-graded cards in its inventory, as well as thousands of ungraded vintage and modern cards. Because of the high volume of cards All Star Cards handles, collectors should check its website often. 

Barnetts Sports Cards

(330) 608-4433

Many collectors look for bulk lots to fill out collections, or to get a jumpstart on completing any given set. If you’re one of those collectors, check out Barnetts Sports Cards, one of the pillars in the hobby. Nearly any year of cards is available, many in different condition grades – so you can shop based on your budget. From 1954 Bowmans through the 1980s – it’s all here.

Baseball Card Exchange

(800) 598-8656

One of the biggest buyers in the industry, Baseball Card Exchange is perhaps best known for its unopened product inventory, as well as pre-1970 sets and singles, pre-1970 graded cards, and autographed memorabilia. For the sports card fan, there’s nothing like unopened product, and Baseball Card Exchange has some of the best stock in the country. From cases to wax boxes to single packs, it’s all here for the taking. For those who want to know what cards they are getting before purchase, Baseball Card Exchange also has singles as well as complete sets available.

Dave Shore Sports Cards

(541) 318-1743

For those who collect, who doesn’t have a want-list? Dave Shore has been filling holes in baseball card collections for decades, and for good reason. He has 6 million cards in stock, ranging from 1951 through the present. Got a need? It can’t hurt to see if Dave Shore has it.


(603) 433-3957

Dolloff has a selection of single cards from the years 1894 through 1979. Call for a list of baseball, basketball, football and hockey cards that are available for purchase. 

Ellis Anmuth

While Santa has his helpers, Ellis Anmuth has been helping set collectors complete their sets for more than 25 years. He has cards from the 1950s to the present. He also has oddball items available, such as food issues, inserts, publications, and autographs. And don’t forget about the prewar cards in his inventory.

Gerry Guenther

(608) 742-2201

Whether you are looking for commons from the 1950s or relic cards from 2000, Gerry has it all. A great source for autographed cards, short prints, relics and more. Give Gerry a shout for listings and start filling those holes. 

Gar Miller Cards

(856) 468-6658

The ultimate source for just about anything. Dealing for more than 60 years and with a collection of cards and autographs that numbers 3 million, Gar Miller Cards can meet almost any need, from 1934-36 Batter Up high numbers to complete sets up to 1991. A huge football card inventory awaits, as well.

Grand Slam Enterprises

(828) 280-3250

For the person on your shopping list who collects trading cards from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, you’ll want to check out Grand Slam Enterprises. For only $18, you can receive 20 cards of Hall of Famers and stars.

Gizmo’s Sportscards

(815) 540-5206

Whether you are looking for sets, singles, wax, graded cards, or memorabilia Gizmo’s Sportscards is there to help you fill you collectible needs. Gizmo is always buying so his inventory is constantly changing.

Kermit Tanzey

(918) 333-0682

Kermit Tanzey may be able to help you with the vintage sports card collector on your list. Tanzey has a variety of vintage baseball cards for sale, including 1954 Redman, 1955 Redman, 1961 Post Cereal, 1962 Post Cereal. He also has St. Louis Team Issued Postcards from the 1950 and ’60s.

Kevin Savage Cards

(866) 861-2330

Kevin Savage Cards has been in the hobby for more than 30 years. No doubt you’ve seen his booth at countless shows during that time. Why the long run? Quality, vintage cards of all types are their trademark, offered at affordable prices in straight sales or in weekly auction formats. Everything is on the table here, making them a go-to contact for any type of card of any era.

Great customer service is the hallmark from one of the leaders in the industry. And if you need cash to supplement your own holiday shopping, Kevin Savage Cards buys cardboard as well. Give them a call – one of the friendliest businesses in the hobby.

Kruk Cards

(248) 656-8803

Kruk Cards is like a warehouse store for trading cards, memorabilia, game-used items and publications – all sports and non-sports, alike. If you’re not sure what to buy someone, just browse Kruk’s eBay store, search by team or favorite player, and you won’t come away empty-handed.

Another great source for unopened product from any era – a gift within a gift.

Larry Fritsch Cards

(866) 595-8687

Larry Fritsch Cards has been a staple in the Hobby since 1970. Getting its startbuying and selling sports cards, the company has expanded into other areas.

In addition to sports cards, Larry Fritsch Cards also sells graded cards and packs, as well as magazines, statues, postage stamps and non-sports items. When looking for sports cards, this should be one of the first places to start your search.

Polo Grounds

(954) 236-9011

Where can you get mint condition baseball cards from the 1950s and ’60s without paying the third-party grading prices? Polo Grounds has been an excellent source of high quality, vintagebaseball cards for decades. The tagline says it all: “Specializing in Older Quality Baseball Cards and Memorabilia So Clean You Could Eat Off Them.”

Got some holes to fill in your sets? Bill Nathanson can help you out. Toss over your want-list and he’ll fill up your sleigh. Collectors of the golden age of sports cards shop here.

PSA Frames

For the collector on your shopping list who has a lot of graded sports cards, a great present would be frames that allow them to proudly display their graded cards. The display frames can also be used to display graded autographs.


B&E Collectibles

(914) 769-1304

B&E Collectibles is the definition of sports memorabilia. You’ll find autographs, photos, cards, jerseys, pins, ticket stubs, programs, premiums and dozens of other categories for which to search for the sports collector on your list. A great source for unique items, such as ABA memorabilia, rare programs, player game balls and the list goes on.

Chicago Pulp Culture Show & Sale

(715) 526-9769

With a variety of sports related items, as well as comics, toys, games and action figures available, the Chicago Pop Culture Show & Sale held Nov. 24-25 may have the hard-to-find gift you are looking for.

E&R Galleries

If you need any sports cards, sports equipment, autographs, sports metal items, or other sports related items, you’ll want to see what E&R Galleries has to offer. Use promo code SCDHoliday at checkout for 15 percent off your entire order.

Fred Townsend

(203) 879-2009

For those rare, hard to find items give Fred Townsend a call. Anything from 1927 New York Yankees paychecks to World Series programs to 1951 Wheaties cards, you’ll find it here. Or how about items concerning defunct baseball teams ... Fred Townsend has it all.

Irish Hitman Promotions

(812) 483-3064

If you still need a few items to complete your Christmas shopping, a visit to The Man Cave Show Dec. 14-15 just may do the trick. The show includes sports memorabilia, sports cards, sports collectibles, as well as many different types of antiques and other collectibles.


(732) 290-8000

Looking for high-end sports collectibles, you may want to follow the auctions Lelands hosts throughout the year. Their auctions are usually loaded with game-used memorabilia, autographs, and vintage sports cards.

Memorabilia Expert-BidAMI

(888) 308-9714

Filled with a variety of sports memorabilia and Americana memorabilia, the auctions hosted by Memorabilia Expert-BidAMI are a place to search when looking for a Christmas gift for a sports collector. The auctions feature items at different price points.

Plaza Collectibles

(800) 772-0054

If you are ever in New York, make sure to stop at Plaza Collectibles to view a wide selection of sports cards and memorabilia. Plaza Collectibles is also one of the most active buyers of sports cards and memorabilia in the country.

Pristine Auction

Featuring daily and 10-minute auctions with no reserves, a variety of sports collectibles can be obtained at while avoiding the Christmas rush at the mall.

Robert Crestohl

(514) 481-2830

Robert Crestohl is another great place to shop for sports publications of decades gone by, from old Street & Smith Baseball Yearbooks to MLB All-Star game programs. Varying condition means items available at all price points.

Steiner Sports

(800) 759-7267

If you are looking for autographed items from the 2018 World Series champion Boston Red Sox, Steiner Sports is a place to go. Steiner Sports also has a wide variety of items available from other teams and sports to meet the needs of the sports collector you love.

You’ll want to also check out Steiner Sports’ selection of game-used items, gift bundles, vintage items, and display cases.

Tom Whalen

(860) 232-8098

Sports publications are the name of the game here, with an emphasis on baseball and golf magazines and books, ranging from the 1950s-2000s. The Sporting News, Sport, Sports Illustrated, Louisville Slugger yearbooks, Red Sox ephemera and much more.


Standard Catalog of

Vintage Baseball Cards, 6th edition

(855) 864-2579

For more than 25 years, the “Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards” has been the premiere source for information about baseball cards produced between 1863 and 1980.

Used by collectors, dealers, auction houses, third-party authenticators and baseball fans the world over, this mammoth reference is worth every penny for the multitude of details it contains. Tobacco, bubble gum, regional and specialty issue sets, along with Minor League card listings (500,000-plus in all) are included with full descriptions and prices. There is no better source available for information on vintage baseball cards.

Sports Collectors Digest

(800) 829-5561

Known as “The Voice of the Hobby,” Sports Collectors Digest has been a must-have for collectors to stay up-to-date as to the happenings in the Hobby. Published every two weeks, the magazine is filled with stories and information pertaining to news in the Hobby, upcoming trading card releases, and informative articles about collectibles – both vintage and modern. Collectors can also read about other collectors in the Hobby and learn about memorabilia and cards in upcoming auctions. Make sure you subscribe today.