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Help Wanted: Mel Ott Bat Stolen From the National Convention

In an unfortunate occurrence around millions of dollars of memorabilia, someone has lifted a Mel Ott game-used bat off the show floor of the National Convention and now the word is out to collectors to help track it down.

In a National Convention that has been pretty successful on most accounts comes some bad news that needs attention: a 1930s H&B Mel Ott game-used bat was stolen from the booth of John Taube (JT Sports) on the show floor. Taube does bat grading for PSA/DNA, which is why the bat was at his booth.
The Mel Ott, bat, which sold for $48,300 at Hunt Auction MLB FanFest auction this past July, is missing. Any collector who might witness this bat is asked to alert authorities. Here is the link to the description of the bat.


Some of the notable features of the circa 1930s bat include a professionally restored crack. The Hillerich & Bradsby manufacturing stampings and facsimile signature impression on barrel both remain very strong.

For more information, contact JT Sports either by email ( or by calling (609) 487-8003.