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Gonna try blogging from the National in Cleveland ...

When I first blogged this earlier today, one of the purposes was to inform online readers that I wouldn't be blogging from the National Convention in Cleveland, citing my almost legendary ineptness at computer stuff.

Here's what I blogged initially: "I know, I know, lots of younger folks would have no difficulty blogging from the road, and I suppose in theory I could, too. But not in practice. I am just not tech savvy enough to pull that off, and besides, we always have more than enough on our plates to keep us occupied when we are at shows."


As they used to say in the Nixon administration, the previous statement is no longer operative. I will now be blogging from Cleveland – intervals to be determined. If that sounds like some Krause big shot read my blog and overruled me, I have to offer a plaintive "au contraire."

(I found this cool picture of Bob Meusel online, and took the occasion of this blog as an excuse to use it.)

First, that would presume that Krause big shots sit around reading my blog, which probably ain't so. Second, the big shot who politely called me this a.m. and asked if I would be blogging from Cleveland hadn't read my blog. I may be a bit dense, but I am still capable of taking a hint, whoever subtle. So once we get things set up at the booth and I actually stroll around and get a look at the proceedings, I will, in point of fact, be blogging.

We’ll have a pretty good-sized crew in Cleveland: myself, auction director Steve Bloedow and sports division sales representatives Amanda Mueller and Scott Chandler. We will be manning the Krause Publications booth at the show, so we urge any readers who will be there to stop by and say hello.

With all the difficulties that major regional shows have faced over the last several years – difficulties profoundly exacerbated by the broad economic slump – the National provides a special setting because it remains one of the last “must-attend” events in the hobby. I look forward to seeing all of the guys who don’t traditionally venture out much every year, with the exception of the National.

It’s also my only opportunity – at least in the case of Cleveland – to ride a Ferris wheel, which I typically do in the line of duty to try to get a photograph of the doings from as high a vantage point as possible.

The odd thing is, I am one of those folks who doesn’t much care for heights, a kind of pedestrian phobia that’s hackneyed to the point of cliche. Still, I like Peter Falk’s explanation during an episode of the “Columbo” television series. Chided for his queasiness when it came to heights, Columbo exclaimed, “I don’t even like being this tall.”

And I’m a lot taller than he is.

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