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SCD Editor says farewell

After nearly two years as Editor of Sports Collectors Digest -- and decades in journalism -- I am stepping down and into retirement. It’s been amazing to follow and report on the explosion in the hobby over the past year, and I’m sure it’ll continue. Unless it’s heading for a bubble burst.

A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card selling for $5.2 million? A Luka Doncic National Treasures card selling for $4.6 million? A Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Superfractor selling for $3.9 million? A Giannis Antetokounmpo 2013-14 Panini Logoman Patch card selling for $1.8 million? 

The card craze is nothing short of amazing.

It’s been a fun journalistic ride, but after stints at the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and Yahoo! Sports (and SCD), it’s time to ride off into the sunset and concentrate on my own cards and collectibles, determine which ones are worth grading and ponder the idea of putting some up for auction.

When I started collecting cards in the ’60s while living in Southern California as a transplanted Detroit fan, I opened wax packs in hopes Al Kaline would stare back at me. He never did. But a Nolan Ryan rookie did, as did Reggie Jackson and Johnny Bench rookies.

In the late ’80s, I saw a blurb in a newspaper (do those still exist, by the way?) about Ryan’s rookie card being worth $1,200. Since I had one in great condition (other than poor centering), I embarked on my search to complete a set of Ryan Topps cards. I succeeded, as I tried to buy the best-centered and sharpest-edged cards (they weren’t grading cards then). It was fun going to local shows and The National to track down my personal set. Who knew I’d wind up Editor of a sports collectors magazine?

Anyway, it’s been a privilege to have brought you the latest from the hobby and I hope you enjoyed the coverage. I know SCD will be in capable hands moving forward and a new journey will begin. Enjoy the ride.