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Bogus Favre-endorsed jerseys an important story ...

If you’ve gotten all the way to my blog, you have probably noticed the story about the bogus Brett Favre-endorsed jerseys that has been featured prominently on our website since Monday morning and is the cover feature in the Nov. 28 issue of Sports Collectors Digest that mailed out this week as well.


This article, prepared by Chris Nerat over the better part of the last four months, is a remarkable investigative piece that looks at a controversial issue in the hobby. The questions about whether something is game-used or not has been a thorny one virtually since the beginning of the sports memorabilia craze, and it’s important enough that we directed the significant resources at it for this investigation.

Just as it is in the broader arena of authentication itself, determining game use can have elements of inexact science, but trying to reduce and minimize such uncertainty has long been a major goal of the various authentication agencies. It is our hope that the publication of this article will enhance that ongoing effort.

And to that end, we are asking readers for feedback about the question of game use for sports equipment in general and the Favre-endorsed jerseys in particular. We don’t claim to be the final arbiter on this topic, but at the very least we figured it was more than a little important that we pose the questions.

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