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WFL Football Cards Series IV and QB Collection Now Available

Who doesn't love the World Football League? The best part is you can still get new cards based on the league through WFL Football Cards. The company just announced Series IV and a QB Collection subset are available now.
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WFL Football Cards has announced the release of it Series IV set, along with a new WFL QB Collection available on the company's site.

The Series IV set features WFL players from 1975 that were missed in Series 2 (1975). The 70-card set also includes a few 1975 WFL Highlights cards.


A breakdown of Series IV is as follows:

  • 70 cards
  • Features the 1975 WFL season
  • Full player WFL statistics
  • Retro design
  • Rare photos

The new WFL QB Collection cards feature WFL quarterbacks from both the 1974 and 1975 seasons. The set is listed under "Subsets" on our site.


The 35-card set features acrds with full player statistics, a retro design and rare photos.

Series IV is available for $75, plus shipping and handling. The WFL QB Collection is $45 plus shipping and handling. For complete checklists and a team-by-team card checklist, visit E-mail for more information.