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Vintage, Graded Cards Part of Leaf's Legends of the Diamond Baseball

Collectors looking to buy vintage cards don't have to go to a card dealer or online - all they have to do is buy Leaf's latest release: Legends of the Diamond. The latest product is full of buyback cards and original art cards.
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Baseball is often referred to as “America’s Pastime” and baseball cards still rule the hobby based on longevity and vintage wares. Such is the case with Leaf’s latest product release: 2014 Legends of the Diamond Baseball. Packed with older-issue (pre-1970) graded cards and hand-drawn, painted art cards featuring Hall of Famers, Leaf’s newest offering this week is sure to please the hobby masses.

“Everything old is new again,” said Leaf President Brian Gray. “So with our latest release, we wanted to bring the collecting community back to when baseball was truly an innocent sport and also to salute its greatest players from yesteryear. These guys still remain icons today."

33 Sport Kings Cobb

Leaf’s Legends of the Diamond Baseball is just that; a collection of some of the greatest baseball cards the hobby has ever seen. The entire set consists of baseball players who have been retired for 40 years or more so the PSA, SGC or BGS-graded cards that made it into the packout are considered hobby treasures.

From the 1933 Goudey card (#160) of Lou Gehrig to the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie (#311) to the 1948 Leaf card (#76) of the Splendid Splinter himself, Ted Williams, this vintage collection will make collectors weak in the knees. Bowman, Sweet Caporal, Sport Kings, even Rittenhouse Candy cards are all represented!

What’s more, Leaf has put together an incredible assortment of hand-drawn/painted art cards, each one a 1/1, featuring every single member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. In fact, every inducted player, manager, executive, Negro Leaguer and umpire is included in the set so now a serious collector can attempt to complete an entire Hall of Fame art card set!

48 Leaf Williams

Each box of 2014 Leaf Legends of the Diamond Baseball includes one vintage graded pre-1970 buyback card plus one hand-drawn or painted Hall of Fame 1-of-1 art card.