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Upper Deck's SPx Football Now On Shelves

Just in time for the recently completed Father's Day, Upper Deck released SPx Football, filled with all of the top rookies and plenty of the past stars and Hall of Famers, as well.

SPx Football has been a favorite with collectors since the brand debuted in football more than a decade ago. The high-quality base cards and unique technology-driven inserts couple extremely well with premium autograph and memorabilia cards.

The formula for success in terms of content hasn’t changed much over the years for SPx Football, but the configuration has. This year Upper Deck is delivering collectors a SPx box configuration that is absolutely loaded with the perfect mix of rookie and legendary players.


“The goal for 2013 SPx Football is to deliver collectors a tremendous amount of bang for their buck when they open their box,” said Brandon Miller, Upper Deck’s collegiate sports brand manager. “With three autographs, a memorabilia card and a variety of other quality insert cards in each box, we know fans are going to love busting these packs open.”

Upper Deck secured every big name rookie to appear in the set and collectors can expect to find autograph and memorabilia cards for these future stars throughout the product. Upper Deck also pushed to deliver a checklist that includes some of the biggest names to ever step onto the gridiron with Joe Namath, John Elway, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Bo Jackson, Jerry Rice and many more having autograph content in the product.

Paying respect to the lineage of SPx, collectors can find three retro SPx Hologram cards per box in the classic 1996 SPx and 1997 SPx designs. SPx Finite is another beautiful insert series dedicated to rookies and legends limited to 899 copies or less for each. The popular Shadow Box insert cards return as well, but also a new twist with rare dual signed versions available in packs. And the Winning Big Materials feature a huge memorabilia swatch (1.5-by-1.5 inches), along with double and triple memorabilia versions.


Featuring five cards per pack and 10 packs per box, 2013 SPx Football is available now at hobby shops.