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Upper Deck Releases Two New Innovative Ideas in Exquisite Collection Football

When it comes to trading cards, there is only so much you can do to make it truly different. Upper Deck hopes its latest autograph card innovations are a step in that direction. With "floating" signatures and a "choice your own" autograph card combination, Exquisite Football rolls out.

With the release of 2011 Exquisite Collection Football, collectors can find two exciting new types of autograph cards the likes of which they have never seen before with the “Exquisite Dimensions” and “Exquisite Choice Signatures” insert cards.

The first thing collectors will notice upon discovering the Exquisite Dimensions cards are how thick the card is. At approximately 5/8 of an inch thick, Exquisite Dimensions are more than two times the standard thickness of an Exquisite Collection card. The athlete signs on a clear, slanted plastic surface that is sandwiched within a shadowbox type of presentation, giving the appearance that the autograph is actually floating in the middle of the card.


The Exquisite Choice Signatures cards may be the most revolutionary trading card in recent years, utilizing a concept collectors have never seen before whereby they can crate their own combination autograph card. The athletes sign a slot that is roughly 1-inch by 2 inches that features an image of the athlete and their name on the front. On the back of the slot is a card number, authentication copy, team logo and other legal copy. Either two or four of these signature slots are then placed in an acetate card that houses them. The beauty of this card is that collectors can remove and change the slots in the autograph card and create a combination of their choosing. They can trade, buy or sell slots to create a dual or quad autograph of their favorite players. Given this is a very new and unique concept, Upper Deck has a patent pending for these cards.

“On a premium product like 2011 Exquisite Collection Football, we wanted to bring collectors some new elements they had never seen before,” said Brandon Miller, Upper Deck’s collegiate sports brand manager. “The ‘Exquisite Dimensions’ cards are absolutely stunning and are the type of trading card that would stop any collector if he saw one in a showcase just because it looks so different from everything out there. The ‘Exquisite Choice Signatures’ cards provide football fans with a whole new way to collect. They now have the power to create their own dual or quad autograph card. If the collector doesn’t like the player combination, they now have the ability to go out and make their own combo signature card.”


For more information on the Exquisite Choice Signatures cards, take a look at a new video on them by clicking HERE. Collectors can find 2011 Exquisite Collection Football at hobby shops now.

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