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Upper Deck, COMC Unveil E-Packs, Bringing Together Digital and Physical Cards

Upper Deck has entered the digital card fray with e-Packs, digital trading cards that are bought, collected, sold and traded like regular cards, that also feature a physical component. COMC is the partner behind the project.

Upper Deck has unveiled its first digital trading card product called e-Pack. With e-Pack, users can instantly purchase and open packs online at anytime, from anywhere. Entire card collections can be easily viewed, sorted and stored digitally, eliminating the need for any physical storage space, while still providing an exciting pack opening experience. What makes e-Pack’s patent pending technology truly unique is the ability to have actual physical versions of digital cards mailed out at any time.

Upper Deck’s UD Series One Hockey (UD1) kicks off the e-pack launch in conjunction with the 2016 Honda NHL All-Star celebration in Nashville, TN. UD1 e-packs will offer never-before-seen exclusive content including Code to Greatness and Instant Impressions inserts, as well as foil board base cards and Young Guns parallels featuring Connor McDavid and other top rookies.

“Never before has a company seamlessly connected the digital and physical world of trading card collecting” said Jason Masherah, President of Upper Deck. “There is no way to replace an autographed card or a card with a piece of game used jersey in the digital world. Using e-Pack, collectors can now easily open packs, boxes and even cases online, and then decide if they want cards delivered directly to them.”


Collectors are also able to link e-Pack with their ( account. By connecting e-Pack with COMC, collectors can easily post and sell cards without the hassle of scanning card images or having to ship them. Through the COMC platform, cards can be sold online and shipped directly from COMC to the buyer just like physical cards.

To ensure a safe and secure environment for all e-Pack transactions, Upper Deck has teamed with Dynamics Inc., an award-winning company known for providing advanced payment platforms that deliver the most secure and seamless experience available today.

Fans can try e-Pack for free just by registering at Once registered, users can claim a free pack every day – just for logging on.

Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey is the first product that is being released through the e-Pack platform, followed by Upper Deck Series 2 later this Spring. One additional e-Pack release will be announced later this season. Only a finite amount of product has been allocated to the e-Pack program and we anticipate each release will sell out. It is important to note that the three e-Pack products will not alter any 2015-16 scheduled hockey card releases available through Upper Deck’s Authorized Distributors, Authorized Internet Retailers and Certified Diamond Dealers.

Also, not all digital cards will be available as physical cards. These are noted when you open the pack as being digital-only or having a physical component.

More information, including detailed e-pack functionality, exclusive e-Pack content and a list of e-Pack achievements users can obtain can be found at