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2018 Topps Heritage celebrates the Topps card design from 1969

The 2018 Topps Heritage Baseball card release pays tribute to 1969, as the base set features the Topps card design from 1969.

When collectors start busting open packs of 2018 Topps Heritage they will be taken back in time to 1969. That’s because this year’s version of Topps Heritage celebrates the 1969 Topps Baseball card design.

Highlights include Real One Autographs, Clubhouse Collection Relics, Flashback Autograph Relics, and 1969 Poster Box Loaders. Collectors can expect one autograph or relic card plus one Box Loader per hobby box.

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The 500-card base set includes current stars, MLB legends, and rookies, including 100 High-Numbered Short-Printed cards. Subsets include: League Leaders, World Series Highlights, Topps News All-Stars, and Rookie Stars.

Parallels of the base set include: 100th Anniversary (limited to 25), Magenta Backs (limited to 10), Black-Bordered (limited to 50), and Flip Stock (limited to 5, hobby only).

Variations of the base set include: Throwback Uniform, Action Image, and Team Name. There is also a Chrome variation that includes five different parallels, in addition to a Mini variation.

Autographs are plentiful.

Real One Autographs feature on-card autographs in blue ink and will feature players who appeared on a Topps card in 1969. Real One Dual Autographs and Real One Triple Autographs feature cards that include active and retired players. Reggie Jackson Buyback Rookie Autographs includes 1969 Reggie Jackson rookie cards with on-card autographs. Seattle Pilots Autographs feature on-card autographs from retired players from the 1969 Seattle Pilots.

Autograph Relic cards include: Clubhouse Collection, Clubhouse Collection Dual, and Flashbacks.

Relic cards include: Clubhouse Collection, Clubhouse Collection Dual, Clubhouse Collection Triple, and Clubhouse Collection Quad.

Other inserts include: New Age Performers, Then and Now, Baseball Flashbacks, News Flashbacks, and 1969 Topps Deckle Edge.

The 2018 version of Topps Heritage also includes several inserts related to 1969.

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The 1969 Mint insert showcases relic cards featuring retired and active stars along with a coin minted in that year. Coins include: Nickel (numbered to 15), Dime (numbered to 10), Quarter (numbered to 5), and Half Dollar (1 of 1).

The 1969 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics insert showcases cards that feature a vintage photo of an event or player matched with a stamp from 1969.

The 1969 Baseball Cut Signatures insert features players from the 1969 set, while the 1969 Celebrity Cut Signatures features musicians and celebrities who were popular in 1969.

Box Loaders include: 1969 Topps Bazooka Ad Panel, 1969 Poster, and 1969 Topps Originals.