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2018 Topps Tribute Baseball returns as first premium baseball set of the year

The 2018 edition of Topps Tribute Baseball features new autograph subsets added to the already numerous autograph and memorabilia cards that have already been in the product.

Not much in life is guaranteed. That said, those who purchase a box of 2018 Topps Tribute Baseball are guaranteed one Stamp of Approval MLB Authenticated Relic Card, one Dual Relic Card, and one Tribute Triple Relic Card.

New in 2018 is the debut of multiple, low-numbered autograph subsets, including the first-ever Tribute Career Achievement award.

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The Tribute Career Achievement award subset commemorates the legendary career of Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax. Collectors can chase after 20 hard-signed 1/1 autograph cards.

Top rookies from the 2018 rookie class have hard-signed and sequentially numbered cards in the League Inauguration Autographs.

Iconic Perspective Autographs feature multi-layered cards with on-card autographs, with each card sequentially numbered to 99 or less.

Both the League Inauguration Autographs and Iconic Perspective Autographs inserts include an Orange Parallel (sequentially numbered to 25), Red Parallel (sequentially numbered to 10), and Black Parallel (numbered 1/1).

There are also several returning autograph subsets.

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Tribute Autographs returns with a mixture of autographed cards featuring horizontal autographs from veterans, elite rookies and retired icons. It has six parallels for collectors to chase after.

Tribute to the Moment Continuity Autographs are sequentially numbered and inserted one per case.

Generations of Excellence Autographs feature multi-image cards of sequentially numbered autographs of the game’s retired stars.

Tribute Tandems Book Cards feature unique player combinations and Autograph Patch Cards showcase MLB authenticated, game-used memorabilia.

Tribute Baseball is set to be released in February.