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An early season high-end favorite for consideration is the 2021 Topps Tier One Baseball, featuring on-card autographs and unique game-used relic cards.

Each box contains two autograph cards and one relic card, and every case guarantees one rare Tier One Autograph Card.

Tier One Autographs are numbered to 199 or less and features the most collectible names in baseball. Break Out Autographs features the explosive rookie class of 2021 and young MLB superstars on cards numbered to 299 or less, all signed on-card. Prime Performers Autographs are modern-day greats and living legends signed on-card and numbered to 299 or less. Tier One Talent Autographs celebrate players and their elite skills with on-card autographs numbered to 299 or less. All of these have parallels numbered to 25, 10 and 1-of-1.

This Topps Tier One card features autographs from legend Mark McGwire and current star Paul Goldschmidt.

Autograph cards of Mark McGwire and Paul Goldschmidt. 

Other on-card autographs:

Next Level Autographs are multi-layered cards showcasing elite athletes, all numbered 50 or less with parallels to 25, 10 and 1-of-1. Dual Autographs are numbered 25 or less. Triple Autographs are numbered 10 or less. Clear One Autographs are greats from the past and present that are featured on Clear One Technology, and numbered 10 or less. Dual Clear One Autographs are numbered to 10 or less. And Cut Signatures features 25 legends of the sport with each card a 1-of-1.

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New in this release is Perfect Contact Autographed Bat Relics, celebrating the best hitters in baseball. These feature game-used bat slice relics and are signed directly on the bat. Base is numbered to 5 with a 1-of-1 parallel. Autograph Tier One Relics are numbered to 99 or less with parallels numbered to 25 and 1-of-1. Dual Autograph Tier One Relic Book Cards are numbered to 10 with a 1-of-1 parallel. Autographed Prodigious Patches are jumbo uniform patches numbered to 10 with a 1-of-1 parallel. Tier One Autographed Bat Knobs are all 1-of-1, as are the Tier one Autographed Limited Lumber and Signature Tools Autograph Relics.

Cut Signatures Relics are game-used memorabilia paired with a cut signature from a legendary baseball talent, and they are numbered 1-of-1.

There are numerous other relics, patches, buttons and bat knobs numbered from 25 to 1-of-1s.

The hobby configuration is three cards per pack, one pack per box and 12 boxes per case. The release date is May 5.


Origins makes its return to the hardwood for the 2020-21 season, so look for a stunning display of autograph, memorabilia and parallel content.

You’ll find two autographs or memorabilia cards per box, including one Rookie Autograph card. Also look for the popular Silver and Gold Ink Rookie Autograph cards, featuring on-card signatures from the top rookies of the 2020 NBA Draft. Rookie Jersey Autos are numbered to as low as 1-of-1, as are parallels of Rookie Autographs Red, Legendary Autographs Green and Silver Ink.

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Origins also presents unique opportunities to pull booklet content in Rookie Auto Booklet Patch and Six Star Signatures.

Find an impressive lineup of parallel content in the base set, including veterans and rookies from across the league: Look for these parallels: Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Turquoise, Gold Green and the one-of-a-kind Black.

A Panini Origins card featuring Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young.

A Panini Origin card featuring Trae Young. 

The hobby configuration is seven cards per pack, one pack per box and 12 boxes per case. The release date is April 14.


Prospecting starts with the 2021 Bowman Baseball set, featuring rising stars in a 150-card Prospect Set. The release also features the superstars of the game.

A Bowman Chrome featuring Detroit Tigers rookie Spencer Torkelson.

A Bowman Chrome featuring Spencer Torkelson. 

Collect the entire 100-card Base Set, featuring a mix of active stars and rookies. Parallels are numbered to 499, 250, 150, 75, 50, 25 and 5 with 1-of-1s, as are the Paper Prospect Cards.

The Chrome Prospect Cards feature an Atomic Refractor Parallel (1:24 packs) that is a hobby exclusive. Other hobby exclusives are the Aqua Refractor Parallel (numbered to 125), Aqua Shimmer Refractor Parallel (numbered to 125), Orange Refractor Parallel (numbered to 25), Orange Shimmer Refractor Parallel (numbered to 25) and SuperFractor Parallel (1-of-1).

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The Chrome Prospects-Prospector’s Special Variation is an all-new variation fit for the most eagle-eyed prospectors, and features the top prospects on a gold died-cut variation of their chrome prospect card.

Look for an assortment of all-new variation themes and collectible insert sets, such as the Bowman Scout’s Top 100 (1:4 packs) numbered to 150, 50, 25, 5 and 1-of-1, and Futurist (1:6 packs) highlighting top prospects on their way to the majors, featured on an artistically futurist design. Also look for ROY Favorites (1:8 packs) numbered to 150, 50, 25, and 1-of-1.

Other inserts include the new 1991 Bowman (1:8 packs), featuring a mix of the best prospects and active stars and rookies on the classic 1991 Bowman design and numbered from 150 to 1-of-1s; Talent Pipeline (1:12 packs) numbered from 150 to 1-of-1; and Positional Promise (1:24 packs) featuring the top-ranked prospect from throughout the AL and NL for each position and numbered from 150 to 1-of-1.

Autograph categories include Chrome Prospect, Chrome Rookie, Positional Promise, 1991 Bowman, Bowman’s Scout’s Top 100, ROY Favorites, Dual Bowman Prospects, 2021 Bowman Ultimate Auto Book card, All-American Game, and 1991 Bowman Buyback.

The hobby configuration is 10 cards per pack, 24 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. The jumbo configuration is 32 cards per pack, 12 packs per box and eight boxes per case. The box break is one autograph and the jumbo box break is three autographs. The release date is April 16.


Flawless Football is considered the high-end side of collecting with all the cards being numbered 25 or less with all autographs on-card or cut.

Look for six on-card autographs, one or two Gem cards, and two or three memorabilia cards per box. Find new on-card autographed sets with Flawless Achievements, Flawless Flyers and Etched in Time. Hunt for on-card Rookie Patch Autographs from all the top rookies, including Tua Tagovailoa, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and many more.

A Panini Flawless autograph card featuring Joe Burrow.

A Panini Flawless card featuring Joe Burrow. 

Also search for the on-card booklet autographs with Rookie Booklets, Veteran Booklets, Signature Gems, and Flawless Duals and Super Bowl Gems.

The hobby configuration is 10 cards per pack, one pack per box and two boxes per case. The release date is April 21. 

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