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Topps Now Features Yesterday's Highlights on Cards Today

Topps has introduced Topps Now, taking baseball highlights and turning them into physical cards the next day. But hurry, the buying window is just 24 hours.

Imagine your favorite player throwing a no-hitter, and then getting a card of that special moment the very next day.

Baseball fans everywhere now have that opportunity to do so with the new product launch, Topps Now.

Topps Now, a that will depict the greatest moments and milestones from the 2016 Major League Baseball season almost as soon as they happen. The physical cards will be available the very next day to purchase through, but for just 24 hours, and will not be available for purchase again.

“Topps Now was inspired by input from our passionate baseball fans,” said Clay Luraschi, vice president of Topps Product Development. “Magical moments will be captured on baseball cards the very next day, giving fans everywhere a chance to own a piece of history almost immediately.”


Topps Now cards will depict great achievements and performances throughout the 2016 season. If a player hits four home runs in a game or has a walk-off home run, baseball fans can expect to see those cards in the Topps Now set the next day. Topps Now combines the magic of baseball cards with the timeliness of a special moment to get cards into the hands of baseball fans and collectors in a way that has never been done before.

Topps Now adds to an already great portfolio of Topps’ Major League Baseball-exclusive cards with a new card design. In addition, at the end of each card’s selling window, Topps will announce the number of cards that will be printed for each card.

Fans can also let Topps know every night what they think should be on a Topps Now card through Topps’ social media accounts utilizing the hashtag #Topps Now. Follow Topps on Twitter (@toppscards), Instagram (@toppssports) and Facebook (