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Topps Makes Allen & Ginter Available as Complete Set

For the first time ever, Topps is offering Allen & Ginter baseball as a complete set, limited to just 999 copies.

For the first time ever, Topps is offering its popular Allen & Ginter Baseball line in complete set form, but with a twist!

Allen & Ginter

Reminiscent of the 1980s Topps Tiffany sets, this 360-card glossy-coated base set will be offered exclusively online at and will be limited to just 999 copies. In addition, each card in the set is sequentially numbered in gold foil.

And this Allen & Ginter offering will have something extra special – 10 cards not found in the standard Allen & Ginter pack product including the rookie cards of the highly-touted Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and Dustin Ackley.

The special edition set is available for $99.95 and is the company’s first ever exclusive sports product.

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