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2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball debuts with autograph and relic cards

2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball will be loaded with autograph and relic cards, as well as other inserts for collectors to chase after.
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Baseball card collectors will have a new product to chase after this year when 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball is released in May.

Mostly staying with the 2015 NFL design, 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball features numbered Autograph Inscription Collection, Definitive Rookie Autographs and Legendary Autograph Collection cards. Some of the rookies players also have limited Image Variations. Meanwhile, Dual Autograph Collection inserts, which are numbered, put two notable players on the same card. Parallels add to the amounts for each, with Green (numbered to 25; Rookies and Dual only), Purple (numbered to 10 or less; Rookies, Dual & Legends) and Red (numbered 1 of 1).

2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball also has Framed Autograph Collection and Framed Autograph Patch Collection inserts, both of which are numbered, that showcase a metal frame. Parallels include Purple (numbered to 10 or less) and Red (numbered 1 of 1).

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There are other signed memorabilia cards included. The Base Autograph Relic Collection set is the main choice. This numbered set includes three parallels sets - Green (numbered to 25 or less), Purple (numbered to 10 or less) and a variety of Red Patch (numbered 1 of 1).

Numbered Definitive Autograph Relic Collection cards increase the memorabilia piece size. The three parallels include Green (numbered to 10), Purple (numbered to 5) and Red (numbered 1 of 1).

Dual Autograph Relic Collection cards are numbered, and offer a multi-player option, while Autograph Patch Book Collection dedicates extra space to one elite player.

Several relics sets round out 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball. The main relics set is the Jumbo Relic & Patch Collection that features franchise favorites. Limited relics from Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and the 4th of July jerseys are also in play along with Purple (numbered to 35 or less), Green (numbered to 25 or less), Blue (numbered to 10 or less) and Red (numbered 1 of 1) parallels.

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The rarest cards in the product include the one-of-one sets of: Definitive Patch Collection, Definitive Nameplate Collection and Definitive Cut Signatures.

There are eight cards per pack, one pack per box and three boxes per case. Each box contains six autographs or autograph relics and two relics cards.

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