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Tradition of Topps Baseball continues with 2018 Topps Baseball

Topps has been producing baseball cards for more than 65 years, and that tradition will continue when 2018 Topps Baseball is released in February.

Carrying on a 67-year tradition, 2018 Topps Baseball is set to arrive January 21 when Series 1 is scheduled to hit store shelves.

The base set will include 350 cards featuring veterans, rookies, future stars, team cards, league leaders, World Series highlights and combo cards. As is custom with modern sports cards releases, each base card includes many parallels. Base parallels include: Rainbow Foil, Gold, Vintage Stock, Independence Day, Black, Mother’s Day Pink, Father’s Day Blue, Memorial Day Camo, Clear, Negative, Platinum, and Printing Plates.

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The Topps Salute insert features cards that pay tribute to key celebratory days during the baseball season such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Jackie Robinson Day. Also included are the top rookies and the game’s legends.

Other inserts include: Superstar Sensations, MLB Awards, and 1983 Topps Baseball.

The 1983 Topps Baseball insert celebrates the 35th anniversary of the iconic card design that featured the rookie cards of Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs and Ryne Sandberg.

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There is a plethora of autograph cards included in 2018 Topps Baseball led by Topps Salute Autographs, which are sequentially numbered.

Not only is the 1983 Topps card design celebrated as an insert set, it is also celebrated as an autograph insert with four parallels.

Other autograph inserts include: World Series Champion Autographs, Postseason Performance Autographs, MLB Awards Autographs, and Cut Signatures.

Relic cards are also included, including: World Series Champion, Postseason Performance, In the Name, Sketch, Major League Material, MLB Spring Training Logo, and MLB All-Star Game Medallion.

Autographs and relics collide in four inserts – Topps Reverence, Major League Material, World Series Champion, and Postseason.

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