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Topps Launches '3-D Live' Virtual Reality Baseball Cards

You know those annoying Topps Town cards that show up in Topps 2009 baseball products? Well, Topps has put them to good use with a 3-D Live feature on their website that brings those cards alive. All you need is a Web cam.
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Starting today, visitors to the website will have a new and high-tech way to play with their baseball cards. Cards from the first series of Topps Baseball and the new Topps Attax card game that feature special digital codes can now be used to view a 3-D “augmented reality” image of the player.

Viewing the image, which Topps calls 3-D Live, requires collectors to hold the cards in front of a Web cam. The Web cam reads data off the card to activate the image, which appears to be standing on top of the card. Rotate the card, and the player image rotates at the same time. In addition, certain keyboard strokes allow the player to play a 3-D video game with each card. For instance, batters can see how many hits they can register off 20 pitches. Players can also throw in an attempt to hit as many targets as possible, and there’s also a game where the player can try to catch as many fly balls as possible.

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Topps purchased the technology from a French company, Total Immersion, which has sold similar applications to companies ranging from theme parks to automobile makers.

Featured Players
Topps 3D Live brings to life 33 of today’s top Major League Baseball players:

Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees — No. 13
Roy Hallayday Toronto Blue Jays — No. 32
Grady Sizemore Cleveland Indians — No. 24
Brandon Webb Arizona Diamondbacks — No. 17
Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays — No. 3
Johan Santana New York Mets — No. 57
Hanley Ramirez Florida Marlins — No. 2
Alex Gordon Kansas City Royals — No. 4
Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies — No. 6
Jake Peavy San Diego Padres — No. 44
Nick Markakis Baltimore Orioles — No. 21
Justin Morneau Minnesota Twins — No. 33
Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals — No. 5
CC Sabathia New York Yankees — No. 52
Alfonso Soriano Chicago Cubs — No. 12
Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners — No. 51
Francisco Rodriguez New York Mets — No. 75
Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers — No. 24
Carlos Quentin Chicago White Sox — No. 20
Lance Berkman Houston Astros — No. 17
Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves — No. 10
Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants — No. 55
Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers — No. 32
Jay Bruce Cincinnati Reds — No. 32
Daisuke Matsuzuka Boston Red Sox — No. 18
John Lackey Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — No. 41
Cliff Lee Cleveland Indians — No. 31
Garrett Atkins Colorado Rockies — No. 27
Russell Martin Los Angeles Dodgers — No. 55
Prince Fielder Milwaukee Brewers — No. 28
Matt Holliday Oakland Athletics — No. 5
Nate McLouth Pittsburgh Pirates — No. 13
Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals — No. 11

For a video demonstration, click here.

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