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Topps 2013 Baseball Provides a Chance at $1 Million

It's all about the chase for Topps in 2013 Baseball Series 1. The company has announced the Million Dollar Chase, which will give one lucky collector $1 million in sweet cash. Read on for details.

The mantra for 2013 Topps Baseball is all about "The Chase." Never is that more present than in the latest announcement from the company in which a lucky collector could win $1 million next year.

topps 1 million

The promotion, which hails in 2013 Topps Baseball Series1, is rightly called The Million Dollar Chase, and it ties in Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. Let's explain.

To play, collectors will find special code cards in 2013 Topps Baseball Series 1. With those cards, collectors "unlock" players at the Million Dollar Chase game website. With those unlocked players, collectors then choose the ones they think will get a hit in actual MLB game action. If the selected player gets a hit, the streak starts. For example, if I choose Mike Trout and he gets a hit, my streak is at one. If the next player I chose, say Buster Posey, gets a hit, I have a streak of 2 and so on.

Prizes will be awarded as the streak advances, including autographed cards and coin cards, with the ultimate prize being $1 million for the first person's streak to hit 56 games (there is the Joe DiMaggio reference).

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