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T206 Wagner the Focus of 30 for 30 Short by ESPN

ESPN's Grantland takes a look at the baseball card hobby, specifically the most famous of the T206 Wagner cards, is a 15-minute video that features Keith Olbermann and PSA's David Hall.

ESPN's Grantland 30 for 30 series are very well done. The latest 30 for 30 "short" focuses on the most famous baseball card in the world, the T206 Honus Wagner.

In particular, this short focuses on the most famous of the famous cards, the PSA 8 graded version that is currently speculated to be trimmed and at the heart of the Mastro indictment that is awaiting trial.

The episode, about 15 minutes in length provides a great background on the orgin, evolution and allure of the card.


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