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Somebody please splain to me about T206 Wagner reprint ...


I saw a thread on the Collectors Universe Baseball Card and Memorabilia Forum the other day that I just couldn’t figure out, so I am hereby asking for help.

I’ve tried to put the link here, but I’ll also quote the pertinent part of the description just in case the process doesn’t work (Imagine that, a blogger who is inherently distrustful of all things that involve meandering around in cyberspace).

Anyway, the auction listing, which closed on Super Sunday, says that the card sold for $650. And it also clearly, almost unequivocally, states that it is a reprint. The text is below in italics:

T206 Honus Wagner card, in fair condition. This card is a reprint, but it is such a good one, I can not tell the difference when compared to a known authentic T206 card, as I dabble a little in these cards. It is an exact replica of an authentic card, same size, card stock, markings, detail, everything. Actually, I don’t “know” it is a reprint; I got it at a flea market (no, really, I did!), but it is a Honus Wagner, and I’m not that lucky. The scans shown are the actual card you will receive. Bid accordingly, as this card is believed to be a reprint, just a really, really good one.

Huh? Obviously, here’s where I need a little help. The auction listing says “no returns accepted,” and I guess that falls under caveat emptor, but why would somebody pay $650 for a reprint? Even a “really, really good one,” a pronouncement that makes me chuckle no end.

I must be missing something here. Any help?