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SGC Announces New Half Grades in Its Grading Scale

SGC has followed suit with PSA in offering half grades to its grading scale, effective immediately. SGC will be at the National Convention showing off these new grades and will be open to review cards previously submitted to consider an upgrade that adheres to the new scale.

Heading into the National Convention, SGC has announced on its message boards an important update to its grading system. Effective immediately, four new half grades will be available as part of the grading scale. The new grades are as follows:

  • SGC 35 – 2.5 GOOD+
  • SGC 45 – 3.5 VG+
  • SGC 55 – 4.5 VG/EX+
  • SGC 82 – 6.5 EX/NM+

Fellow grading company PSA has used half grades for the past several years.

On its website, SGC stated, "For years, collectors have been asking for more options at the lower end of the scale where condition can vary greatly. These new half grades will serve to reward cards that are high-end for their grade with special attention paid to eye appeal. All cards submitted for grading will be eligible for half grades – there is no special process. Cards that are already graded by SGC may be submitted for review under any of the applicable grading fee tiers.


"These grades are being added to round out the options available when it comes to assessing trading cards. They are not being added to complicate things for collectors. As such, the labels will remain the same so that consistency within a collection can be maintained and the 100-point scale will be preserved to avoid difficulties with the registry, the population reports, and other established areas."

SGC will be set up on the Corporate area of the National Convention. They will have half grades available at the show for presentation and reviews, along with regular card grading, will be conducted at the show.