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Series III, Die-Cut World Football League Cards Now Available

Fans of the World Football League have more cards to collect, with Series III and Die-Cuts added just in time for the holidays.
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Just in time for the holidays, Rickie Franklin shared the news that WFL Football Cards has released a Series III set and there are new WFL Die-Cut cards available on the company's website:

Series III

Series III

The Series III set features WFL players from 1974 that we missed in Series I (1974), and a few players who changed teams during the '74 season. Also included are a few 1974 WFL Highlights cards. Series III consists of 70 cards with full player WFL statistics, a retro design and rare photos.

The set retails for $75, and a full checklist can be found on the WFL website.

Die Cuts


The WFL Die-Cut cards feature WFL helmets and artwork with team bios on the back. They resemble the 1976 NFL Sunbeam Bread cards. Twenty cards are available in all, featuring the artwork of Gene Sanny. Cost is $35.

For more information regarding WFL cards, including Series 1 and II, visit

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