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PSA Introduces New Baseball Card Trivia Game: PSA CardSlugger

PSA CardSlugger test your knowledge of baseball cards by asking a player's name, card manufacturer, year of the card and other questions. The game keeps track of hoe many you get right, with prizes awarded at the end of the "season."
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PSA knows its clients are collectors. Now the third-party authenticator wants to know if you know as much about cards as you think you do.

You can test your skill and enjoy doing it with PSA CardSlugger (, a free online game from PSA that provides fun, challenges and the chance to win prizes.

"The PSA CardSlugger game can be played at your convenience, whether you wish to play the game from the comfort of your own home or on any Apple or Android mobile device. Collecting itself is meant to be a fun endeavor. That is why so many people enjoy the hobby. We felt that introducing this game was simply another way to inject fun into the hobby. It is fun, easy to use and free for anyone who wishes to test their knowledge," said Joe Orlando, president of PSA, a division of Collectors Universe Inc.

PSA Cardslugger home page

"The game's main screen resembles a baseball field as seen from home plate. An animated pitcher 'throws' the image of an actual baseball card. You then answer four questions about the name of the player depicted, the manufacturer of the card, the year of the card and the card's number. If you get one correct answer, you get a base hit; four correct answers equals a home run," Orlando explained.

"The cards cover all eras, vintage to modern, and we've digitally modified some of them to remove the player's name if it normally appeared on the front of the card."

The PSA CardSlugger game was inspired by PSA Co-Founder and Collectors Universe President David Hall.

"Everyone knows how popular online games are now, such as Angry Birds, and we know how infatuated collectors can be about their hobbies. So, it makes sense that games about collectibles would be fun and, we hope, really popular," said Hall.

He envisions the game as a way to help promote the baseball card collecting hobby to the general public as well as provide more knowledge to current collectors.

"We know there are a lot of people who enjoy collecting baseball cards, but we also believe there are a lot of people who don't know about the current card market or who may have forgotten the joys they had as a childhood collector. We hope this game rekindles that collecting enjoyment as well as provides fun and challenges for veteran collectors," Hall explained.

The game will have four "seasons" each year, one every three months, and players can compete against each other to see who scores the most runs in different categories during each season. The winners will receive various prizes.