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'Prime Cuts' returns in Panini's new high-end issues

For a brand that packs as much prestige, heritage and Hall of Fame content as Panini America’s Prime Cuts Baseball does, three years away from the marketplace can seem almost like an eternity. But in late October, Panini America will reintroduce the high-end release to waiting collectors for the first time since the 2012 season.


The 2016 Prime Cuts Baseball release carries on a rich tradition in terms of both look and content. The product boasts a no-filler makeup that delivers five autograph or memorabilia cards in every five-card box (five cards per box, five boxes per inner case, two inner cases per master case).

A generations-spanning tribute to America’s pastime, 2016 Prime Cuts Baseball offers a diverse checklist featuring the game’s greatest legends, top current stars and potential-laden rookies.

Product highlights

Among the most anticipated elements of this new release are:
• On-card autographs of top 2016 rookies including, dual- and triple-swatch versions.
• A large base set bolstered by three on-card autograph subsets, five memorabilia card subsets and four additional autograph subsets.
• A checklist dotted with legends such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente and Ty Cobb in the base, Icons, Biography, Timeline and Combo Player Materials.

Plus, booklets include Rookie Autographs Jumbo Material, Rookie Autographs Silhouette Combo Materials, Prime Six Signatures and Prime Eight Signatures. In addition, each five-box inner case will deliver either a cut-signature card or booklet card. Also, the Biography insert highlights a moment from each player’s career paired with a piece of memorabilia. Be sure and look for four parallels numbered to 49 or less. Also you’ll find Biography Jumbo.


The Rookie Autographs Jumbo Materials insert pairs top 2016 rookies with an autograph and jumbo piece of memorabilia. Prime parallels are numbered to 10 or less.
Also, be on the lookout for five different Timeline sets: Timeline, Combos, Trios, Quads and Stats. Each version has three parallels numbered to 25 or less. Additional highlights include:
• On-card autographs of some of the hottest 2016 rookies with four parallels numbered to 49 or less.
• The Prime Signatures chase featuring on-card autographs from a mix of current and retired superstars (four parallels numbered to 49 or less).
• Prime Cuts Rookie Autographs includes on-card autographs and up to three pieces of memorabilia for some of the hottest 2016 rookies; also look for dual-swatch versions. In addition, the five Base material cards each include a different swatch size. A variety of current stars, retired greats and legends are included, and each version has four parallels numbered to 49 or less.

The Icons sets are represented by five different selections loaded with memorabilia from some of the game’s greatest: Jerseys, Bats, Numbers Combos, Numbers Trios and Numbers Quads loaded with greats of the game. Each version has three parallels numbered to 25 or less.

The four Base autograph versions include Base, Single, Dual and Triple swatches. Each version has four parallels numbered to 49 or less. Visit for more information.

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