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Prescott, Elliott cards ready for collectors

Newly signed Panini America Dak Prescott cards and remade Ezekiel Elliott cards have been created and are on their way to collectors.

Prior to the Dallas Cowboys season-opener, Panini America officials held a signing session with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott at which the second-year star autographed all of the remade cards from 2016 Prizm Football.

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The cards were signed in the presence of multiple Panini America officials and each card received a special Prescott hologram on the back immediately after it was signed.

After the signing, the company began shipping the cards to waiting collectors.

During the final week of September, Panini America confirmed that the company completed the remake process for the base Ezekiel Elliott Rookie Patch Autographs that were originally created for 2016 Immaculate Football. Elliott also signed the cards and the cards began shipping to collectors that same week.

The original cards were inadvertently damaged during transport, forcing them to be included in the product last November as redemptions. 

The remade versions of the card include game-worn jersey pieces from Elliott’s rookie season (as opposed to player-worn material for the original 2016 Immaculate Football RPAs) as well as updated photography. Elliott autographed all of the cards with his “EZE21” signature.

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