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Panini Introduces Rewards Program, Ditches Redemptions

You are familiar with rewards programs for your credit cards and the like – now it's coming to trading cards. In an effort to rid their products of redemptions, Panini is introducing a Rewards Program where collectors can pick and choose the cards they want.

Panini has announced the Panini Rewards Program, a process they have been working on for two years that essentially takes out redemptions from their upcoming products.

Announced at the Industry Summit in Las Vegas, Panini CEO Mark Warsop provided some of the details regarding the program. The idea behind the program was to develop a system designed to deliver more value to collectors by giving them the ability to choose replacements and other items through an established point value system. Collectors earn points by scanning randomly inserted Rewards cards (in place of redemptions) with their mobile devices in all Panini America products.


Once the Panini Rewards Program launches in late-May with the release of 2014 Score Football, collectors will have the chance to use their points immediately for any available single cards, or accumulate points to earn higher-value cards, other collectibles and unique Panini experiences. The Panini Rewards points never expire and collectors will be able to view every available Panini Rewards card immediately using the Panini Rewards smart phone app or on the Panini Rewards Platform website.

“The Panini Rewards Program is a truly revolutionary development for the entire trading card industry and will offer us the chance to effectively eliminate and further reduce redemption cards from our products, replacing them with Panini Rewards Points that collectors can use to acquire any available card immediately,” said Warsop. “This program has been in development for nearly two years and we are excited to finally share it with collectors.”

Other highlights of the program, which was previewed during the 2014 Industry Summit, include:

  • Upon a product’s launch, collectors will have immediate access to Panini America’s available single-card inventory directly from their mobile devices.
  • The ability for collectors to choose their own replacements from the Panini Rewards Platform.
  • The Panini Rewards Platform will be accessible via both web- and app-based applications for iOS and Android devices (app available in May).
  • Future Rewards Platform enhancements will give collectors the ability to self-authenticate their trading cards to ensure authenticity and eliminate issues related to potential counterfeit trading cards on the secondary market.