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New Releases: Topps Strata Football

Clear Cut autographs and relic cards among the big draws in Topps Strata Football, including a "rivet" relic card.

Topps' latest announcement regarding football cards is Topps Strata Football, which is slated to release in late October. To separate itself from other Topps football releases in 2012, the company has said the technology used on the cards will be one of a kind
with autograph and relic content that is second to none.


Each box of Strata Football is guaranteed to offer:

  • 1 Clear Cut Autograph Relic Card
  • 1 Rookie Autograph Card
  • 1 Rookie Relic Card
  • 1 Rookie Die-Cut Card.

There are 150 cards in the base set, 50 o which will be rookies. There will be numerous parallels offered throughout in a variety of autograph and relic card inserts. The coolest one of the bunch is the Rivet PATCH Parallel - featuring a jersey patch and a rivet, which will enable the three different layers of the card to fan out. These will be numbered to 5.


The clear-cut autograph relic cards are pretty neat, too, with the signature appearing over the relic - almost like signing the outside of a card sleeve.

Each pack contains six cards, with 18 packs per box.