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National Hockey Card Day Coming to the U.S.

Upper Deck's traditional National Hockey Card Day is a huge hit in Canada. Now the popular promotion is coming to the U.s. in February through UD's Diamond Dealers.
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Hockey card collectors, mark Feb 11, 2012, on your calendars. For the first time, Upper Deck's popular National Hockey Card Day promotion will also be held in he U.S. Upper Deck has held the promotion in Canada for the past three years.


National Hockey Card Day will be held in both the U.S. and Canada at the same time, with separate sets for each country. In the U.S., collectors will be able to get free packs through Upper Deck's Diamond Dealer network.

The U.S. packs will feature American stars, along wth international stars on the U.S. teams. Sets will consist of 15 cards, with a 16th card offered as a gift. There will be some autographs mixed itno the product, as well.

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