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More tobacco cards ... this time on campus ...

If you liked the image in yesterday’s blog – and I know you did – today’s entry provides a really nice complement to it. This time it’s a college dorm instead of a military barracks, but the attendant homage to the world of baseball cards is right there, front and center.


Our erstwhile college student appears to be wearing a Nehru jacket, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the 1970s, what with all the T206 White Borders and T205 Gold Borders showing on the wall behind him.
It’s probably not easy to see in the image, but it looks like there are about 75 White Borders pasted
up on the wall directly behind his head; there are about a dozen or so T205 Gold Borders in different groupings on the right side of the photo, including one that one appears to be stuck on the side of a jar above his desk.

I didn’t do any better at collecting in college than I did in the service. I started college in 1972, and the baseball card boom of the mid-1970s was still a couple of years away. I don’t think I even bought any packs at all, but I did order the complete sets from 1973-78 from Larry Fritsch.

For the life of me, I can’t remember why I skipped 1972, which, naturally, turned out to be my favorite set from that decade. I ended up putting the set together card by card maybe 10 years later.

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