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Kenny G signature in 2017 Spectra Football?

One of the things I enjoy doing is perusing through photos of cards that are pulled from new sports trading card releases. I like seeing what the cards look like, but I also enjoy looking at the autographed cards and seeing how legible the signatures are.

 (Photo courtesy Panini America)

(Photo courtesy Panini America)

Panini America typically opens a box or two of a new product when it hits hobby store shelves. After opening the boxes, they post photos on their website of the cards pulled from the box or boxes. The company then sends out an email that includes a link to those photos.

Today I received one of those emails for 2017 Spectra Football. As I normally do, I clicked on the link and started looking through the photos of cards. Imagine my surprise when I saw there was a card autographed by Kenny G.

The card is actually signed by Kenny Golladay, who is a rookie wide receiver with the Detroit Lions. But he signed his card, “Kenny G.” So, no, it is not an autograph from the musician Kenny G. I thought it was cool to see the card signed that way, though. And to top it off, the signature is actually legible.