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Finest-ever set of hobby's premier cards sets records

Collectors of T206 baseball cards were in a frenzy during Heritage Auctions' recent auction of the No. 1 T206 set on the PSA Set Registry.

The all-time number one T206 set on the PSA Registry is no more. It is now scattered in the collecting winds after a historic sale at Heritage Auctions, drawing $8.15 million for 520 individually sold cards.

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The event almost certainly set a world record for the number of pricing records set in a single auction, with more than 400 new high marks, many besting previous top prices by multiples. The pre-auction estimate of just under $3.5 million itself was more than doubled.

“This might have been the most significant trading card auction in history,” said Chris Ivy, director of Sports Auctions for Heritage. “The finest example of the greatest tobacco issue, absolutely shifted the marketplace on its axis.”

From the top, where the Eddie Plank NM 7 and Sherry Magee (“Magie” error) NM-MT 8 rarities commanded $690,000 and $660,000, respectively, to Gem Mint 10 common Johnny Bates at $50,400, the tidal wave of bids redrew the collectibles map, signaling unprecedented strength of low-population condition rarities.

New world records include, but are not limited to:

• $360,000 - 1909-11 T206 Old Mill Ty Cobb (Green Portrait), PSA NM-MT 8, Pop Eight, None Higher

• $264,000 - 1909-11 T206 Sweet Caporal 150/649 Overprint Christy Mathewson (White Cap), PSA Mint 9 - Pop Two, None Higher

• $192,000 - 1909-11 T206 Sweet Caporal 350-460/42 Overprint Ty Cobb (Portrait-Red), PSA NM-MT 8

• $66,000 - 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 350 Tris Speaker, PSA NM-MT 8 - Only One Higher

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• $192,000 - 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 150 John McGraw (Finger in Air), PSA Gem Mint 10 - Pop One

• $144,000 - 1909-11 T206 Sweet Caporal Ty Cobb (Bat On Shoulder), PSA NM-MT 8 - None Higher

• $84,000 - 1909-11 T206 Sweet Caporal 350/30 Vic Willis (St. Louis, With Bat), PSA Mint 9 - Pop One, None Higher

• $78,000 - 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 350 Jake Beckley, PSA NM-MT 8 - Pop One, One Higher

• $78,000 - 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 150 Hal Chase (Throwing-White Cap), PSA Gem Mint 10 - Pop One, None Higher

• $60,000 - 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 150 Clark Griffith (Portrait) – the finest T206 Griffith “portrait” of any brand in the hobby, PSA Mint 9

• $26,400 - 1909-11 T206 Piedmont 150 Red Kleinow (New York-With Bat), PSA Gem Mint 10 - Pop One

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