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Fall Releases from Topps and Panini

2019 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards

A base autograph checklist of 80 top current stars and rookies, as well as retired greats, is one of the highlights of Topps Five Star Baseball set, released on Aug. 28. Staying with the hit-only MLB format, the set promises two autographs in every hobby box.

 Shohei Ohtani, 2019 Topps Five Star Baseball card

Shohei Ohtani, 2019 Topps Five Star Baseball card

New to the 2019 set is the Pentamerous Penmanship autograph insert, numbered to 25 or less, that uses a shadowbox design, and the Five Topps Phenom Autograph set for various MLB standouts, which are numbered to 25 or less with a one-of-one Five Star parallel.

“Five Star Baseball is back with a new high-end design and premier checklist that guarantees 100 percent on-card autographs of the game’s best Major League players,” said Topps. As was the case in 2018, the only exception to the hard-signed rule is the cut signature cards.

Low-numbered parallels give collectors a rare rainbow to chase, and include: Purple (#/50 or less), Blue (#/25 or less), Green (#/15 or less), Gold (#/10 or less), Orange (#/5 or less) and Red (1/1).

Five Star Dual Autograph cards are limited to 10 copies or less. In addition, case-hit Golden Graphs and Silver Signatures display bold ink colors that really pop. Parallels for these are Purple (#/25), Blue (#/20), Green (#/15), Gold (#/10), Orange (#/5), and Red (1/1).

 Aaron Judge, Topps Five Star Baseball card

Aaron Judge, Topps Five Star Baseball card

The Five Star Signatures set is capped at 20 copies or less and some cards have an extra inscription. The rare Cut Signature and Celebrity Cut Signature cards for non-baseball subjects are also one-of-one editions.

Finishing off the premium hits in this set, the Five Star Autographed Jumbo Patch cards, numbered to 25 or less, make a big impression thanks to the large swatch and on-card signature. The auto-relic cards come in Gold (#/10), Silver Rainbow (#/5), Laundry Tag (1/1), Majestic Patch (1/1), MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch (1/1), and Team Patch (1/1) versions, as well.

2019 Panini Absolute Football Cards

Maintaining the Absolute Memorabilia NFL legacy, the 2019 Panini Absolute Football set, that was also released on Aug. 28, features established relic options like Tools of the Trade. In addition, every box should have at least one rookie premiere material autograph.

 Kyle Murray, 2019 Panini Absolute Football Card

Kyle Murray, 2019 Panini Absolute Football Card

The hobby box output is the same as 2018, with three autographs and two relics, but the case format changes from a 10-box case to a 12-box case with two inners. Standard retail pricing is $150 per box.

Product configuration isfive cards per pack, three packs per box, 12 boxes per case (two inners), and the hobby box break average is one rookie jersey autograph and two additional autographs, and two memorabilia cards.

Another non-hit is found in the explosive Kaboom! insert line, which seems to pop up in different places every year. These SSP cards average one per case and offer Gold (#/10) and Green (1/1) parallels.

The checklist really gets moving with the hits. Falling one per box, Rookie Premiere Materials Autograph cards highlight the stars of the 2019 NFL Draft. Each signed card is numbered to 399 or less with many different relic options. The Parallels include Autos Spectrum (#/99), Autos Shield (1/1),Autos Jumbo (#/99 or less), Autos Jumbo Spectrum (#/5),Autos Quad (#/25), Autos Quad Spectrum (#/10), Autos Five (#/5), Autos Five Spectrum (1/1).

First-year players also occupy the new Signature Rookies Spectrum (#/199 or less) set, with the following Parallels: Spectrum Red (#/100 or less), Spectrum Orange (#/75 or less), Spectrum Blue (#/50 or less), Spectrum Green (#/25), Spectrum Gold (#/10), Spectrum Purple (#/5), and Spectrum Black (1/1).

 Patrick Mahomes, 2019 Panini Absolute Football Card

Patrick Mahomes, 2019 Panini Absolute Football Card

More autograph cards come in Boss Hogg, Iconic Ink, Marks of Fame, and Signature Standouts.

Showcasing many different memorabilia pieces, the popular Tools of the Trade insert comes in both relic and autograph relic editions, with these Parallels: Double (#/99 or less), Double Prime (#/49 or less), Triple (#/75 or less), Triple Prime (#/49 or less), Quad (#/60 or less), Quad Prime (#/49 or less), Five (#/60 or less), Five Prime (#/49 or less). Tools of the Trade Auto Relics: Double Autos (#/99 or less), Double Autos Prime (#/25 or less), Double Autos Platinum (1/1), Triple Autos (#/99 or less), Triple Autos Prime (#/49 or less), Triple Autos Platinum (1/1).

Additional memorabilia choices include Cleat Combos (#/49 or less), Heat to Toe (#/99 or less), Leather & Lace (#/49 or less), and Jumbo Football (#/5 or less). u

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