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Exclusive Selling Platform Offered for PSA Set Registry Cards

Collector Corners, owned by PSA parent company Collectors Universe, offering free listings for PSA Set Registry cards in an exclusive selling platform.

Collectors now have a convenient, easy way to offer their PSA Set Registry cards for sale. They can be listed free at Collectors Corner (, owned by Collector's Universe, parent company of PSA.

"Over the years I have had many requests to build a place that will give Set Registry members an opportunity to sell their cards. Our own Collectors Corner is the perfect marriage," said BJ Searls, director of the Set Registry & Special Projects at Collectors Universe Inc..

Collectors Corner listing

"Set Registry participants who are members of the PSA Collectors Club can now upload their inventory to sell directly to Collectors Corner from the My Set Registry link. Unlike eBay and other similar online exchanges, Collectors Corner is exclusive to PSA-graded cards. This is a great way to conveniently sell excess inventory or make extra money from your collection while using the PSA Set Registry," explained Searls.

With just a few keystrokes, collectors can quickly upload their card inventory, add images and set their selling price and terms of sale. Listing the cards for sale on Collectors Corner is free, and only a small fee is charged when you make a sale. Sales transactions are conducted through PayPal.

"Since launching the Collectors Corner Sports Marketplace in 2008, one of the highlights has been connecting listings with Set Registry participants' sets. Now we are taking it to the next, exciting level to allow more sellers to share in the overall success of the program by allowing Set Registry participants to list their card inventory," said Cassi East, president of Collectors Corner.

A downloadable "how to" guide to getting your cards listed for sale is available online at

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