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2018-19 Donruss Basketball brings back memories from the 1980s

When collectors open packs of 2018-19 Donruss Basketball they will be reminded of the early days of the brand as there will be hints of the 1980s.

If you grew up in the 1970s or 1980s, you’ll likely take one look at some of the inserts in Panini America’s 2018-19 Donruss Basketball product and you’ll probably be transported back to a time when something called “Alf” was must-see TV, big hair was a rock-and-roll requirement and neon typefaces were the go-to style for everything from print ads to album artwork. All of that, of course, is by design and gives Donruss a unique and powerful sense of nostalgia.

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“When it came to designing some of the inserts for this year’s Donruss Basketball, we wanted to draw heavy inspiration from the 1980s,” said Panini America Art Director Brad McQueary. “We felt it was only natural to have ’80s-inspired designs in a Donruss program since the brand was started in 1981. Our goal was to design inserts that are fun, colorful and give collectors a sense of nostalgia. Our designers took inspiration from anything and everything ’80s ... like retro print ads, cassette-tape artwork from our favorite 1980s hair bands, Trapper Keepers and our Alf lunch box.”

The results include inserts such as All Heart, All-Stars, Express Lane, Fantasy Stars and Franchise Features. But those flashback features are but one part of 2018-19 Donruss Basketball. There’s also a lot of modern goodness to gather, too.

Scheduled for an early November release, 2018-19 Donruss Basketball will arrive with a new Hobby Jumbo configuration (30 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 10 boxes per case) that delivers, on average, two autographs and 60 inserts or parallels per box.

Additional highlights include:

• Next Day Autographs features on-card autographs of the 2018-19 rookies in their NBA uniforms.

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• Rare Charles Barkley SP cards falling less than one per case, on average.

• Rated Rookie cards with parallels numbered to as low as one.

• Autographed memorabilia cards from the stars of the 2018-19 NBA rookie class in Rookie Materials Signatures.

• Significant Signatures delivers autographs from some of the game’s greatest players.

• Timeless Treasures Material Signatures combines autographs and memorabilia with a star-studded checklist.