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Clemente 3-D Card Brings $57,500 - Other Highlights From Memory Lane Sale

A 1968 Topps 3-D test issue Roberto Clemente graded PSA 10 sold within minutes of the Memory Lane's I Own It Now sale opening. Hundreds of other rare and high-grade collectibles are still up for grabs.

Memory Lane’s fall ‘I Own it Now’ catalog sale began with a bang Oct. 14 with the $57,500 sale of a 1968 Topps 3-D Test card of Roberto Clemente PSA 10. One of just six of its kind residing in PSA 10 holders, the Clemente is part of a rare 12-card set issued only briefly in an area near the Topps offices that summer.

The price includes a 15 percent buyer’s premium added to the sales price of each lot.

Rarely offered for sale, the high-end Clemente cards command large prices when offered. The last sale of a PSA 10 came in 2012 at $35,550.

Sold for $57,500

Sold for $57,500

The Clemente card was the highest-priced item in the Memory Lane event, which opened with several hundred higher-end cards and memorabilia items available for a set price. Offers can be made on unsold items beginning Oct. 19.

Also sold on Oct. 14 was a PSA 8 copy of Tris Speaker’s T206 rookie card with a Piedmont back. One of just four at that level, it changed hands for $18,975.

The catalog includes some key 19th century cards, including an 1887 Allen & Ginter Charles Comiskey, one of three graded PSA 8 with none higher, and priced at $29,500. A Mike “King” Kelly card from the same set is also offered, along with an 1888 Goodwin’s Tim Keefe, one of only two graded PSA 8 (none higher).

Prewar collectors will also find a 1935 Diamond Stars Lefty Grove graded PSA 8 with none higher.

There are hundreds of postwar baseball cards being offered including the only PSA 10 example of Bill Mazeroski’s 1957 Topps rookie card, an appropriate listing during the 55th anniversary week of Maz’s Series-winning homer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s priced at $30,000.

A 1954 Dan-Dee Potato Chips Mickey Mantle, graded PSA 9 with none higher, is listed at $27,500, while a 1965 Topps Steve Carlton, graded PSA 10, is at $22,000. There are high-grade examples of dozens of Hall of Famers throughout the catalog.

Lot 249

Also among the rare sports cards is George Mikan’s personal copy of the 1950 Scott’s Chips Lakers card featuring the Hall of Fame center. Notoriously scarce and often stained, the PSA 5 example comes with a letter of authenticity from the Mikan family and includes an old Minneapolis Lakers game program.

Lot 384

Autograph and memorabilia lots include personal checks signed by Babe Ruth (dual and single-signed), Walter Johnson, Ty Cobb and Roberto Clemente as well as single-signed baseballs from Jackie Robinson and Mickey Mantle, among others.

To register and see the items being offered, visit Memory Lane’s website. Free printed catalogs are also available.