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Classics Football helps collectors through the offseason

2018 Classics Football is set to be released in late May, and will include a 300-card base set that includes 100 veterans, 100 legends, and 100 rookies.

Refining continues in 2018 when Classics Football will introduce Premium Edition parallels printed on Optichrome technology, Vintage Stickers and more.

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Set to arrive in hobby shops in late May, Classics Football will deliver, on average, one autograph, one memorabilia card, four Premium Edition parallels (including one numbered), 14 inserts, two Vintage Stickers and six parallels per hobby box (10 cards per pack, 14 packs per box, 10 boxes per inner case, two inner cases per master case).

Highlights of the product include:

• A 300-card base set (100 veterans, 100 legends and 100 rookies), featuring unique content on the back of each card including custom designs and trivia for each player. Be on the hunt for special parallel versions of each card, such as Red Back (numbered to 299), Blank Back (numbered to 50), No Name (numbered to 10) and Full Name (numbered to five) chases. Additionally, look for Timeless Tributes parallels that include Gold (numbered to 99), Orange (numbered to 25), Blue (numbered to 10) and Black 1/1 versions.

• Hard-signed Buybacks that include original cards from 1988 to 2017 (falling one per case, on average).

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• Premium Edition autograph cards, including Classic Combo Signatures featuring pairings of NFL legends.

• The debut of the Vintage Stickers insert featuring Vintage Logos, Team Pennants and Award Winners.

• Memorabilia cards from Hall of Famers such as Dan Marino, Thurman Thomas, Ozzie Newsome and more. Key memorabilia inserts include Classics Materials and Classic Combos. All memorabilia inserts include Prime versions numbered to 50 or less.