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Bowman Baseball Cards are Coming, and You Could be Part of the Set

As part of the run-up to the release of Bowman Baseball, Topps has announced a series of promotions that are included in the set. The first is the chance for lucky collectors to be part of the 2013 set and win $500.
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The release of Topps' Bowman Baseball cards is just around the corner, May 9, and leading up to the availability, Topps will have a special announcement each day/

Today's announcement, May 1, include news on how YOU could be part of the 2013 set.

Bowman Debut Golden Contract_R6

To celebrate the launch of Bowman Baseball, Topps has included 10 Bowman Debut Golden Contracts randomly inserted in hobby boxes of 2012 Bowman Baseball. Each golden contract guarantees you an autographed Yu Darvish baseball and one lucky winner will receive the following:

  • Your own Bowman Baseball card in a 2013 Bowman release
  • A $500 signing bonus
  • A Bowman jersey